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How it all began

The Tigidou jam factory was created in 2013 within an old farm where we take care to preserve its history and its authenticity while developing a beautiful garden full of berries. Its location is atypical, nestled on an acre of land in St-Jean d’Orléans, surrounded by greenery and with a view of the St. Lawrence River.

When we arrived in 2013, we counted about ten mature apple trees, large hedges of red currants and many wild aromatic herbs. The first Tigidou jams were made in a cauldron in this magical place.

It is in 2020 that the jam factory relocates to the neighboring town, St-Laurent de l’île d’Orléans, in a historic building, a former boathouse with a terrace with a breathtaking view overlooking the river. From now on, our shop and workshop are located in this place.

In 2023 and after a 3-year break, we are happy to open the doors of our farm again.

Our wizard garden

Tigidouland : reopening

Thanks to our investment in agriculture by adding various plantations of berries, fruit trees and medicinal herbs, we can now make exceptional jams on site and offer workshops to create herbal teas and infusions.

We can now find in our garden rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, haskap, blueberries, blackcurrant, lemon balm, oregano, mint, sage, Monarda, and many other plants and fruits that make our garden magical.

We have become Tigidouland, the Sorcerer’s Garden. An authentic place where you can live a unique and captivating experience at the tigidou farm, where it all began.

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