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Our little garden

In our wizard garden, you will find about fifteen fruits. They are grown and harvested with love to make our jams.

Our fruits are cooked in a cauldron in the kitchen of our little farm by Matthieu and Eliot. You will then find, from the first bite, an authentic taste and full of flavor. You will be bewitched by it.

You will also find our fruits in the herbal teas prepared by Olivia, naturopath. They are made according to the property of each fruit and plant, to get the best benefits for our body.

You will find in our garden: Sea Buckthorn, Wild Blueberry, Haskap, Blackcurrant, Cherry, Ground Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Red Currant, Gooseberry, Blackberry, Apple, Grape and Rhubarb.

Préparez vos papilles pour 2024

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