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FREE - Guided tour of the garden

Come and discover the secrets of the berries and medicinal plants of our garden with our workshop on the farm !

Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, starting July 1st, 2023, visits to the garden from 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. are FREE.

Our naturopath will give you a guided tour of our garden in French on weekends and English on Monday with interpretation of berries and for those who stay for the workshop, a harvest of medicinal plants to enjoy a fresh herbal tea.

    Workshop on the farm: Concoction of your magic potion

    Come and deepen your knowledge of medicinal plants and design your personalized magic potion (herbal tea)

    From Saturday July 1, 2023, we welcome you to our farm for a magical day!

    Olivia, FENA certified Naturopath, presents her workshop which will allow you to concoct your own magic potion using natural and fresh ingredients from our farm. You will learn the different stages of the preparation of the potion, as well as the magical properties of each ingredient before leaving with your remedy according to your personal problem in the form of herbal tea / infusion of plants from the garden.

    Course of your workshop:

    9h -9h45 : VISIT of the garden: interpretation of berries, harvest of medicinal plants for fresh herbal teas

    9h45-10h : LUNCH: Fresh herbal tea from the garden or coffee, scones + jam, possibility of cheesecake in addition

    10h – 12h : MASTERCLASS: History of “witchcraft” on the island; Characteristics of the Orleans terroir; Phytology, herbalist, apothecary, what’s the difference? Explanations of the plants + fruits of the garden; How to cultivate? Properties + contraindication; How to make your herbal tea; Dosage

    Design of the magic potion / herbal tea according to your problem: A heart problem? Digestive? Anxiety ? Stress ? Insomnia ? Make your magic potion and go home with a bag of about 15 to 25g

    This event is a unique opportunity to discover the magic of nature while spending a pleasant day with family or friends. Reserve your place now for a magical day on the farm

    Reserve your spot for $45

    Workshop: Enchanted World of Plants

    Immerse yourself passionately in the captivating world of phytotherapy and uncover the wondrous effects that plants offer our bodies. The Tigidouland universe opens its doors, inviting you to explore the age-old secrets of herbs and natural remedies.

    Guided by our passion and dedication to holistic well-being, our approach skillfully combines expertise in naturopathy, enriched by the insights gained from our travels and discoveries.

    Join us for our bewitching workshops, held on weekends at Tigidouland – The Sorcerer’s Garden. Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience as you craft your personalized herbal tea, an enchanted creation to take with you. Stay tuned for future adventures where the magic of plants will continue to bring us together.

    Welcome to our world of flavorful discoveries and holistic well-being.

    The Tigidouland Team

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